Never forget the hands that raised you

Never forget the hands that raised you

Never forget the hands that raised you. For most of us there has been a special person or persons that we have been able to rely on as our rock. Unfortunately others have had it much worse. No matter the path walked, it is one of growth Either someone to look up to as a…

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Don’t just express, EXPLAIN

When something happens to us, good or bad, we produce an emotional response. That response could be anything from belly-aching laughter to blinding rage. Our responses to things are usually as a result of our past. We react using what we deem to be an appropriate response based on similar experiences we’ve had.

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Brace yourselves – Mothers Day is coming

Batten down the hatches, hoist anchor, set course for calmer waters. Because if you forget Mother’s Day, there will be no stopping the storm you’ll face. Let’s be honest, the woman who brought you into this world is more than capable of taking you out of it. So take the time and make a mental note, or even set it in your calendar, to celebrate this day. A day devoted to saying…

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Goodbye, Avicii, and thank you

Avicii rose to fame at an extremely young age. But that didn’t slow him down. He wasn’t a pioneer of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), but he certainly was one of the leading artists who brought it into the mainstream. And before he was 20 years old, he was an international sensation. That is no small feat. By any stretch of the imagination.

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Why are people so incredibly gullible

Yeah right. Smoke another one bro! Just like the time Charles Darwin quoted the exact same thing. If it is on the internet, it must be true! So why are people so incredibly gullible? At the end of the day, everyone of us has fallen prey to something like this. One should do one’s research. Query facts before blindly forwarding on spam to another friend/colleague or family member.

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Common Sense

Common sense seems to be a dwindling attribute

Common sense seems to be a dwindling attribute. Let’s face it, stupid people are everywhere. And the problem with stupid people is that they usually think they’re right beyond a shadow of a doubt. They are also the loudest people. The best thing to do with those people is to leave them be. Arguing with them serves no purpose, except to make you both angry. Just hope they’ll eventually come around.

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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking – A Tribute to a Soaring Mind

In a world that seems to prefer glorifying silly people over brilliant minds, it was so refreshing to have a mind like Stephen Hawking’s slip through the cracks and become one of the powerhouses behind how we think about and view our reality. His life’s work was dedicated to gaining a complete understanding of the universe. And while that target may not have been reached, he has inspired both immense scientific progression,…

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Why do we find some people so interesting?

Welcome One and All

We went to Urban Dictionary for this one. There is no point stating the obvious!

” If you don’t know what they are I suggest you get out more. “ – As per Urban Dictionary

Why are we drawn to some people and repelled by others? Is it the smell? The lure of what imagination can unfold. The need to public surf with the eyes and spot the odd one out. The nut job, the quirky, the sexy and the what the heck IS that?

If people gazing at a shopping mall was an Olympic sport. I’m sure there would be many a mother in law that would take the podium 🙂 We jest of course, they would take all 3.

It takes all types of people to make the world what it is. There are some oddballs, some mavericks, many unspoken heroes and then there are those that almost pull on the very thread of existence and their deeds ripple through time itself. We look up to these people, aspire to be like them. Yet in doing so, we either loose our own uniqueness and loose ourselves or turn into the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

People and Memes

People make excellent subject matter for many a Meme. Normally for the humour of others in a compilation of fails. Then you get Memes with moving quotes of a manly man, “Be the person you needed when you were younger,” or that of a confident lady, “Confident women see the beauty in other woman. The don’t search for flaws.”

In parting

Special people from far and near, draw others to them for their own special reasons, often unique. It’s their warmth, their confidence. For others, it’s their success or the way they dress. There are many reasons, but as applicable as they all are, it’s humour we love the best!